CJSA Elections

Nominations now being accepted for the positions of:

President & Treasurer

Candidates for the positions of CJSA President and CJSA Treasurer 
shall submit their names by October 1, 2014 for incumbents,
November 15, 2014 
for all others. 

**New Rule**: Nominations may also be made from the floor at the AGM in January


President: Maggie Girard

Treasurer: Tim Blake

Time will be provided at the December CJSA Board of Directors 
meeting for each candidate to present a brief statement in
support of his/her candidacy. Each statement is to last no more than 
five (5) minutes. If the candidate is absent, an authorized
representative may read the statement 
on his/her behalf.
CJSA shall post the contents of these statements on their website.

To nominate a candidate please email candidate name and position to sue.cjsa@gmail.com 

Click here for the full election rule

Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting on January 31, 2015

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