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    Release/Transfer Request

    Before you begin please note that Release/ Transfer policies, rules, and regulations will vary based on your State Association or National Governing Body. Please contact Sue Schultz [email protected] with transfer questions or Sam Guerra [email protected] with technical questions. 

    To submit a player release/transfer request, please follow the steps below:

    1. Log in Click the button located under the player's name.

    2. Click the Applications tab.

    3. Click on the Request Release And/Or Transfer* link.

    4. Proceed to select the release type for your player.

    Option 1: I am requesting to be released, and I know the league & club I want to transfer to. Selecting this option will prompt you to choose the specific details of the player’s new team.

    Option 2:  I am requesting to be released, and I am unsure of which league or club I want to transfer to. Selecting this option will place the player into a transfer pool within the organization.

    5. Click Submit Transfer once all required information has been input. The request will now go through the protocol for release/ transfer as set by your state association or national governing body.

    NOTE*: The Request Release And/Or Transfer link will only appear once your player’s team has been activated for the season.

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