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    Feb, 2024

    Do You Have A Teen Ready for Driver Training?

    CJSA is proud to partner with AAA Northeast to help put more safe drivers on the road. Make sure to check out the special offer they have available at the end of this article!

    Practice may not make perfect — but it will keep your teen safer.

    Parents play a critical role in helping their teens become safe drivers. Even if your child has signed up for driver’s ed, nothing beats hours of practice with mom or dad. While parents are often stressed from the experience, the safety aspect and benefits of driving with your teen are too big to ignore. Here are some practice tips from the professional instructors at AAA Driver Training to help you through the process.

    1. Make sure your teen brings their original Learner’s Permit to every drive. Pictures on a phone are NOT acceptable.

    2. Before starting the vehicle, take time to review the controls, including mirror and seat adjustments, wipers and headlights, hood latch, radio and climate controls.

    3. If possible, turn off advanced driver assistance systems, such as backup cameras and automatic braking. This will force your teen to pay attention to the road and gain confidence in his/her own abilities.

    4. Realize your teen is just as nervous as you are, so stay calm, cool and collected.

    5. Start by driving in an empty parking lot, practicing driving in a straight line, in reverse, and gradually add a left or right turn.

    6. Once your teen is comfortable, go out on a quiet street. Teach proper behavior at intersections, using the turn signal, stopping behind the white line (if marked), yielding to pedestrians. Drive around the block, practicing right-hand turns until confident.

    7. Next, tackle left-hand turns. Be sure to explain the danger of hesitating in an intersection.

    8. Only increase routes on heavily trafficked roads when your teen is comfortable. Over time, add streets with stop lights, multiple lanes and even highways.

    9. Practice at night, in moderate to heavy traffic and in inclement weather. The more practice they have with you, the safer and more confident they’ll feel when they’re driving alone.

    AAA Driver Training offers behind-the-wheel training with professional instructors to ensure your teen becomes a lifelong safe driver. To join AAA with a special offer (two years for the price of one), visit

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